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Perpetrator is a band started by Ace Slaughter and Angel Assassination after Ace's old band Demon Beast lost the drummer. Ace wanted to re-vamp Demon Beast, but when Ace started it with Angel, they decided out with the old in with the new. Same great Death Metal sound, same songs, but a NEW taste on EVERYTHING, and a new name. Not too long after starting the band they were trying out multiple new members and out of all those who were tried only one succeeded, Trevor Scott. With that they became a three piece Death Metal band. They mix many styles of metal in order to make it one massive genre of brutality. Trevor stayed with Perpetrator from 2012 to 2014, after which they parted way so Trevor could explore other endeavors. With no time at all, Ace and Angel were able to recruit their new drummer Havoc. With this new line-up, they created a better sound. They are now the place to go for true Texas Blackened Death Metal.

Never Again
Perpetrator (Retribution)